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A Substitute for Vud

in production
Feature documentary

Director: Senad Šahmanović

Produced by: Bojan Kanjera and Jure Pavlović for Sekvenca(HR) and Senad Šahmanović for Pro Logic (MNE)

Co-produced by: Miloš Ivanović and Marija Stojnić for Set Sail Films (SRB)

The rise and fall of Croatian-Montenegrin filmmaker Dušan Vukotić - the only Yugoslav Oscar-winner and one of the founding members of the Zagreb School of Animation - uncannily mirrors the tragic fate of his multi-ethnic country. This is an investigation into the life and work of a visionary genius, a free mind creating art in a country that was slowly disintegrating because of political and religious issues. More than twenty years have passed, since his death. The dark days are gone, the wound has apparently healed; but maybe fear doesn’t really end when war is over.


  • BDC Discoveries 2018

  • Dok Leipzeig Market 2018


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