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Serbia | 80' | 08/2021

Feature documentary

Director: Tea Lukač

Produced by: Andrijana Sofranić Šućur for Nana143 (SRB)
Co-produced by: Set Sail Films (SRB)

Sitting in the back of a moving car, different passengers go on the road on the edge of a vast forest. They carry tales about hornet's nests, petitions against nuclear waste, loneliness, carnival treats, folklore traditions, cemetery visits and roads leading home. The forest, serene in the sun, mysterious in the fog and wild on the river, frames the seven stories as they pass by. Containing elements of documentary, ethnography and fiction, Roots is a strangely wondrous and often exhilarating film.


  • Karlovy Vary International film festival - East of the West competition, August 2021


  • IDFA Academy 2019

  • EURODOC (Local group Serbia) 2019


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